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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  August 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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now receive a spepblt that he met in 2015. prior to this. it was difficult to reach a maximum punishment. when some crimes like maintaining on transporting a child fell urpbdz a lesser charge.
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weather for a crime we interviewed him about in 2011. stabbing a puppy in the face. multiple times. >> . every time i hit her. she kept getting more aggressive. >> . once again behind bar ands will stay there for quite sometime. >> . he made bad choice after bad choice. which is what we held accountable for. >> . this is the first time a case has gone to trial. that is. since 2014. that's because typically offenders like this will take a plea bargain. >> . he maintains he did nothing
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hit them. his family has been fighting ever since to prevent drivers from getting back behind the wheel. >> . it's a story that sadly been told. one too many and it's one he's lived too many times. >> . in march the 54 year-old was pulled over for tkraoeufing erratically. blood alcohol level 3 times the legal limit. >> . he failed every sobriety test
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>> and he was charged with his sixth dui. his sentence. five years of probation. and 75 hour of community service. >> . i'm scared. >> . in all the research that we did. so that we could testify. we found that for every time a drunk driver is caught. he's driven 80 times and not gotten caught. >> . spent years strength in colorado's laws after a repeat drunk driver ran a stop sign and his her son. last year colorado finally joined 45 other states in making a fourth dui a felony. but what the law didn't do is mandate jail time. for most repeat offenders. >> . it's watered down. we knew that. it was the only thing we could get passed. >> . that's a slap in the face to their family. and many others who have lost loved ones to repeat drunk drivers.
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they argue drivers will continue to evade jail time. despite drive -lg drunk. time and time again. >> . district attorney is livid about the sentencing. he actually requested 4 years. behind bars. he sent us this statement. >> he did serve 3 years behind bars back in the 99. for a dui conviction then in missouri. as you can see he continues to get back behind the wheel.
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developing right now. 95 year-old woman dies after a hip injury. but didn't fall on her own. someone pushed her. >> . it happened last week. today the coroner saying someone pushed her causing her to fall down and break her left hip. now a homicide investigation. but no other details have been ve issuing everyone
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danger to the public. after staff members may have been exposed to tuberculosis. >> after the story aired the problem solvers heard from a another man in denver. with a similar problem. >> . >> this is the problem here. a damaged sidewalk. somebody just took asphalt and put on top to try to fix it. the damage area still makes it impossible for a wheelchair. to get by. one man tells us he's forced to
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at exposition and federal. to get around it. >> . he first realized the rough patch leading to his bus stop. would block his path. >> big dips. no way any wheelchair could go through it. stkphr. this video shows it from his perspective. >> . he had to get out of his chair. to prevent from falling. and now every time he wants to reach his bus stop. about five to 7 times a week. he is forced to go into the lane of traffic. going up the angles curve.
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he's waiting for results. and looked for alternate routes. >> i discovered i couldn't go through there. >> and only finds himself running into other obstacles. >> . it shouldn't be my responsibility to go out of my way. the city should fix it. >> thank you. race for president. trump under fire tonight for a comment he made at a rally in north carolina. trump offered a cryptic warning
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supreme court. sounded like he was suggesting second amount amendment supporters could take matters into their own hands. >> . trump campaign clarified the comments saying it was about power of unification.
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nearly one hundred cases of >> new developments tonight in the limon man accused of stabbing his estranged wife to death. the man changed his plea to not guilty. by impaired medical condition.
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trial date hasn't been set. mental health *efgs is due by october 27. >> . new regulations regarding marijuana and home are coming to douglas county. commissioner approve an ordnance today. limiting the number of household plants to 12. and requires the area used for growing to be fully enclosed and locked and requires growers to conceal the smell. violaters could be fined up to one thousand dollars. >> . happening now. the aurora police department and the fbi looking for this man. he robbed a u.s. bank. just before 4 this afternoon. the man is about five 8. triable tattoo on his upper left arm. stkphr. with a looping swirl and two circles. if you know this man or call
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>> right now hundreds part-time positions available for upcoming broncos season at sports authority field. looking to fill more than 6 hundred positions from security screeners. to parking lot attendants. >> pay ranges from nine to ten dollars an hour. they held a hiring *efpt this afternoon. no big deal if you missed it. go to
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the home page. >> . only 30 days until the broncos kick off the regular season. here at home. the city and the league transforms civic center park. into a giant free fan event. >> . the broncos and pan panthers meet on thursday september 8. transformed into a kick off village. two days of free fun events. including a pregame concert.
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